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Protect Your Investment

Why Wax?

Do you really need to wax your car?
The answer is YES!
It’s a common question asked among people with new cars to people with older cars. It is just as important as rotating your tires, and changing your oil.
Now, let’s take a look at how it provides protection for your vehicle.
All cars have a clear coat that is put on when the car is painted, that helps protect the actual paint. A regular wax will put protective coats on top of that. The more coats you have the better it protects the paint.
It’s the wax’s reflective properties that give it the shiny aesthetic appeal that most people love about waxing their vehicles. This is achieved due to the polymers and acrylic sealant ingredients. Car wax also contains a naturally occurring wax, such as beeswax.
One of the underrated benefits of protecting your vehicle with wax is that reflecting the sun’s light is not only responsible for a beautiful shine, but minimizing sun damage to your paint job.
Car wax creates a slippery surface as well, which helps keep dirt from sticking to the surface. This not only looks good, but dirt left on your vehicle’s surface is also more likely to scratch the paint.

How Often Should I Wax My Car?
There isn’t an exact answer that fits all scenarios. There are variables, such as environmental conditions, that can affect the recommended frequency.
Keeping a coat of wax on your car usually at least two times a year will keep the appearance up. It is very important in Florida to protect your clear coat from the sun. If your car is a darker color, it is probably better to try to have a hand wax three to four times a year. The wax will help reduces the webbing look that happens from washing it and it helps maintain the high gloss of the paint.
There are a few ways to check to see if you are due for a wax. One way is to apply water and if the water doesn’t bead up and it just runs off the car it probably is time to have it hand waxed. Another way is to have us check your vehicles finish.